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Generally speaking, ladies have come to accept the fact that our breasts do head “south” as we get older. We don’t like it but we get on with life regardless.


However there is always that nagging feeling that may be this change can be improved upon.

Well, this is the concept behind the product called bare lifts. It is supposed to be a harmless weapon with which we can fight this anatomical change in our physique.



So if you are looking to buy bare lifts or where to buy bare lifts, then this bare lifts review will go a long way to help you reach a decision. If anything we will answer the fair question: do bare lifts work or is it some pointless contraption?



First of all, it is heart-warming that the product bare lifts was designed and developed by a woman for women. She feels our pain, girls!bare_lifts



So what is bare lifts by the way?

Bare lifts are an adhesive device designed to lift up the breast and restore it to what could be described as the “youthful position”.


Seriously, it is supposed to give the breast a fuller feel and should make your dress fit better whilst giving you a nice confidence boost with or without a bra.



Bare lifts do the job push up bras are designed for but you get that instant bust repositioning without the usual bra strap bulge.

They work by giving the breast a lift from above rather than from below. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?



How do I use bare lifts and how are bare lifts applied?

Bare lifts are transparent and are adhesive. If you are wondering how to use bare lifts, here is the correct way to apply them for maximum results.



What you do is stick the lower border of the bare lift to just above the nipple line, give the breast a lift and stick the breast to whatever level or position you want. Quite easy to apply and you dispose them off when you want.


Once applied, the difference in shape and position will be obvious to you.

They can be used or applied to any breast size cup – A, B, C, D or bigger



How do bare lifts work?

Simple really! You place the bare lifts device abve the nipple line, peel off the adhesive cover, apply and that is it.


The bare lifts works by pulling up the breast, giving it a nice perky shape whilst providing support at the same time. They are more or less an adhesive breast lift designed for a quick fit whilst providing you with an instant lift.



What are the benefits of using bare lifts?

Using bare lifts does provide some benefits over push up bras and even the strapless bras.


These include:


  • Transparent and therefore not visible


  • Can be worn without a bra  


  • Water-resistant, so you can go swimming with them

  • Wear with bra for even better lift

  • Costs less than push up bras and strapless bras

  • Can be worn for 24 hours  


  • Very easy to apply – apply in less than a minute  


  • Quite inexpensive

  • Very comfortable and painless to wear


Why can’t I just exercise to improve my breast appearance?

Exercise does help but can only improve breast appearance only by very small margins. Yes, exercise does tone up the muscle underneath the breast called pectoral muscle but toning up that muscle can only do so much to lift up the breast.


The reason is that breast is mainly made up of fat and ligaments called the Cooper’s ligament. The Coopers ligament is mainly responsible for elevating the breast and sadly, that ligament weakens with age and breast feeding. Exercise does little to improve the strength of the ligament.



Where can I buy bare lifts supports for my personal use?

The manufacturers are really keen to get this product into the hands of as many women as possible.


However, the distribution appears to be confined, at least at the moment anyway to the USA and Canada. So if you live in UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe, you may have to buy it via a friend living in the US or Canada who will in turn ship it to you.



….but if you live in the USA or Canada and are wondering where to buy bare lifts supports, my best advice is to buy it from the official website. If you buy or purchase bare lifts online from the official website and you live in the USA or Canada, you get a whopping 50% discount and you also get additional pack for free.




Do bare lifts supports work?

In the course of researching this bare lifts review, we wanted to uncover the fact of whether bare lifts do work or not. We sourced out bare lifts customer reviews to see if the product actually lives to its expectation.



As it happens, it did and below are some of bare lifts customer reviews which more or less speak for themselves.


Here are some real bare lift customer reviews from the web and indeed have been culled from a variety of sources on the net.


Patricia Arbelle is a mother of 2 girls and a real bare lifts user posted this comment:


I saw the infomercial for Bare Lifts and thought that I would be wasting my money, but decided to buy them anyway. I made a mess of the first pair that I tried to apply, but I got the hang if it with the second pair. I have used bare lifts three times this week.


Until now I haven't been able to wear spaghetti strap tops without a strapless bra since I had my daughter 5 years ago. If Bare lifts can help my sagging breasts - I am a C cup - they can help anyone's. You just have to get the hang of the application. I am loving not having to wear a bra in this scorching summer heat” ….culled from amazon website



Kate another user also said:


I have slightly larger than C-cup size and found no problems with the Bare Lifts. I felt they were very gentle on my skin and did an efficient job of lifting. I found them easy to apply and easy to remove. I think this is a clever fashion find and I will continue to use them”….culled from amazon website 



Miss Wright struggled to get the application of the bare lifts right when she first bought them according to her but once she got the application right, well let’s hear her:


“The ones I've managed to get on work great, I'm addicted to the look now so I've really got to figure out how to master the application”….culled from amazon website.


Bare_Lifts_Before__AfterOur advice on the application – watch the application video again to get the hang of it. It’s a very short video and the application is fairly easy. You just need to master the technique and you are done with application in seconds for each breast.


The correct technique is stick the lower end of the bare lifts, lift the breast, peel the rest of the adhesive and stick where you want it to be. Simple!




What about Kathryn who was quite pleased at how quickly it worked for her. She says her breasts come right up, feels perky and felt young again. She now has the freedom to wear anything in her closet.



…and Cara searched for a long time for an invisible solution for breast support after having her children. With bare lifts she can now wear lots of different kinds of garments from backless dresses to evening gowns and not have to worry about a single thing.



What Do I Do Next?

Well our research has proven that bare lifts do provide an instant quality breast lifting solution and support that more expensive push up bras and strapless bras can’t.



They are suitable for cup sizes A, B, C, D and even bigger cup sizes. Quite easy to apply, comfortable to wear, very affordable and more importantly, bare lifts do work given the positive customer feedback and high level of repeat orders.


Besides the company provides a 30-day money back guarantee, so you are covered by that reassurance, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase.



Our research does provide lots of reasons to recommend bare lifts to all women who need that lift for a confident look and beyond.


Highly Recommended!