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A woman’s breast is something that ranks highly in her pride and priority scale
and it is a known fact that our breasts form part of our body image.



So, when this part of our anatomy begins to see changes as we start to bear children, get older and hit the menopause, our view of our body image is affected….until now that is.


Total curve is one the many breast change remedies that has hit the market and it is always hard to tell which one works best and which ones should belong to the history books.


If you are therefore looking to buy total curve and want to find out the answer to the question; does total curve work or not ,then we hopefully should letTotal_Curve you reach a decision as this is one of the most comprehensive total curve reviews you will find on the net.



So, what is total curve by the way?

Total curve is a natural breast enhancement formula manufactured by Leadingedge Health Ltd. It is a breast enlargement formula designed to work on two fronts (no pun intended).


A pill that you take by mouth which contains ingredients that promote good breast health.


The second arm is a cream that you apply on the breast that encourages the breast to become fuller and firmer.


So in effect total curve works both externally and internally to give you the desired result.



How does total curve work?

The total curve pill contains phytoestogen herbs, anti-oxidants, nutrients and hormone balancers that give the breasts a boost in growth whilst at the same time helping you with other symptoms like PMS, decreased sex drive, vaginal dryness and even menopause.


It increases the growth of fatty tissue which is what 90% of the breast is made of anyway, giving a much fuller feel and appearance. At the same time, total curve would not make you add on weight by its clever design.


The total curve cream works through the skin as a firming and lifting gel giving the breast a more rounded and perky look.



What are the ingredients in total curve breast enhancement supplement?

The ingredients in total curve are all natural and have been rigorously tested both in the laboratory and in humans.


Buck wheat flowers – contains anti-oxidant rutin used in china since the 10th century. Very good for circulation and lowers the risk of heart disease.


Fennel seed – contains a potent phytoestrogen whch is a natural estrogen which amongst other uses encourages breast growth.


Dong quai root – known as female ginseng. Good for circulation, blood pressure, and promotes healthy sex life.


Damiana leaf – contains natural progesterone useful for growth of breast tissue.


Blessed thistle – contains natural herbs that balance hormones and repairs damaged elastin and collagen tissue in the body.


Hops – also has phytoestrogens and has been used in the far east in the past for breast growth.


Watercress leaves – now known to be beneficial for overall breast health.


Black cohosh root – known for centuries to be beneficial for female health.


Wild Yam Root – also contains the phytoestrogen called diosgenin


Volufiline – proven to increase breast volume by up to 8.4%


Aloe vera extract – known for centuries to promote healing, nourishes and regenerates cells.


Beraberry – contains arbutin that promotes an even skin tone.



Is total curve breast enhancement supplement safe?

The manufacturers have put the total curve through the testing mill rigorously to ensure it is safe for use in humans. They have conducted both laboratory and human tests to ascertain its safety before it was released to the public and remember that total curve is made completely from natural organic supplements


As far as we know, as at the time of writing, there have been no reported untoward side effects of total curve breast enhancement supplement.



Is there any scientific backing for total curve breast enlargement supplement?

Total curve was developed by a leading team of scientists and it was subjected to both laboratory testing and human trials to prove its safety as well as efficacy.


Laboratory tests on cells exposed to volufiline showed 490 – 640% showed more fat molecules compared to unexposed cells.

The ingredient volufiline was found to increase the volume of adipose tissue in the breast by up to 8.4% during clinical trials on humans.



How do I use total curve breast enhancement supplement?

As you know there are two aspects to using total curve breast enhancer supplement – a pill as well as a cream.


You take one pill twice a day – one in the morning with your breakfast and another pill with your dinner.

In the same manner, apply cream morning and evening on breast by massaging the cream all over the breast in a circular manner until absorbed.



How fast will I see results of total curve breast enhancement supplement?

Results do vary as expected. However on average, you should begin to see a change in your breast size after 28 days of use. You should definitely see better results by the 56th day and really curvy, full breasts by day 90.




Will I experience any weight gain whilst using total curve breast enhancement formula or affect other parts of my body?

No, you won’t. The ingredients work to stimulate breast fatty tissue growth to give them a perkier look. The ingredients are not known to cause any weight gain as far as our research can reveal.


The ingredients do not cause any other tissue in other parts of your body to grow.



Where can I buy total curve bust supplement?

The manufacturer of total curve, Leadingedge Health would like as many women as possible to have total curve in their possession.


If you are wondering where to buy total curve in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Greece, Brazil, Finland, France, South Africa, UAE, Malaysia, Hong Kong or indeed any other country, then we would advise you buy or order total curve bust enhancer from the product's official website where the genuine enhancement formula is available.

They ship worldwide and pretty quickly too!


If you purchase or order total curve online from the official website, the product will be delivered to you within a couple of days and the company does provide total curve free shipping as well.


The website ordering process is quite secure with the payment processor using the latest encryption technology, so you can order total curve with confidence.

Purchases from the official website also get between 10% and 24% discount off regular price depending on order size, saving you lots of money. The bigger the order size, the bigger the savings.

You also get some free gifts that complement your total curve purchase and the company has a very good customer service which is essential in case, you need some support after your purchase.


Now you know where to buy total curve online if you live in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Greece, Brazil, Finland, France, South Africa or indeed any other country because the company delivers worldwide.



Does total curve breast enlargement supplement work?

Total_Curve_Result_1From the available total curve customer testimonials, it’s obvious the total curve is giving women fuller, curvier breasts with a lot of women seeing changes in their breast shape and contour within 28 days of use and even better results after 60 days of use.

For instance, Lauren S, from Cleveland was quite disappointed with the appearance of her breasts after she had her baby, a concern a lot of women will identify with. She wasn't sure what to do to make the breasts look better in shape and size.

Lauren decided to give Total Curve a try. She says she now looks like her old self again and what's pleasing her more is the fact that people no longer realize she's a new mother when they look at her. That's the kind of transformation that total curve gives to users.


Anita C
is another ccustomer who wrote in her total curve user comment that, she was initially considering breast augmentation surgery but was worried about two things - the cost and the risks of surgery.


Anita turned to total curve and is now so pleased with her results that she's grateful she made the right decision.


Such were the type of positive total curve customer and user comments that, we felt it was reasonable to conclude from our research that total curve does work for its buyers. The volume of repeat orders also suggested to us that total curve does have a high level of user or customer satisfaction.



What Do I Do Next?

Our research has revealed very encouraging results from total curve breast enhancement supplement with its dual mode of action making it one of the most effective natural bust enlargement products around today.


We found out from our research that a lot of total curve users have experienced benefits and we believe total curve is a product with a lot of value in it.


…and you are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the results you can always request a refund. Besides the company is giving you some free gifts along with a total curve free shipping offer too if you order today.


So, we can conclusively suggest that, if you’d like to attract compliments from family, friends & colleagues about your new natural look without the hassle of surgery, then total curve natural breast enhancement formula is definitely worth your attention.

By the way, the discounts of up to 24% off regular price is a promotional offer that could be withdrawn any minute, so it makes sense to save yourself some money, whilst getting an effective breast enhancement supplement at the same time.